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  • Absurdist Chronicles

    Absurdist Chronicles

    Briyan writes about the absurdity of life.

  • Affirmation Block

    Affirmation Block

    Daily Affirmations blog and shop.

  • Aging, etc.

    Aging, etc. is a multifaceted platform that includes an online and print zine, podcast, and vlog, created by Briyan Frederick. It explores the universal theme of aging from various perspectives, acknowledging…

  • Alexandria Ruth

    Alexandria Ruth

    Alexandria Ruth is a placeholder website for something possibly upcoming from Allye Baker.

  • Bald Spot Club

    Bald Spot Club

    Join the club… you have no choice.

  • Belove Mugs

    Belove Mugs

    Belove Mugs sells custom mugs and messages delivered to beloved ones. Attach an audio message, fill them with charms, etc.

  • Bespokester


    Bespokester is kitschy bespoke eCommerce site where you can request personal, custom-made things from mugs to t-shirts.

  • BF4VR


    Best Friends Forever is a curio shop with custom products developed by Briyan Frederick for forever best friends.

  • Blind Mime Arts

    Blind Mime Arts

    Blind Mime Arts is the craft shop blog of Briyan Frederick.

  • Boomerneur


    Entering my WTF 60’s, securing my future for me appears to rely on having an extra supplemental income. This website is about how retirement-age people like me can do that…

  • Briyan Art

    Briyan Art

    Briyan Frederick’s discussions on his art.

  • Briyan Frederick

    Briyan Frederick

    This is the website featuring the music and other creative work of Briyan Frederick.

  • Briyan Frederick’s Musician Journal

    Briyan Frederick’s Musician Journal

    Musician Journal is Briyan’s new music website where everything from GAJOOB, Discover Sounds, Tapegerm, Homemade Music and others is finding a home.

  • Bryan Baker Family History

    Bryan Baker Family History

    This site is an example site for building a family history on wordpress without extra family history plugins.

  • Cassette Culture Shock

    Cassette Culture Shock

    Cassette Culture Shock was the name of my radio show on KRCL in the early 90’s. It’s now a new weekly podcast show.

  • dabodab


    dabodab is a art curio shop of the surreal

  • Daily AI Tricks

    Daily AI Tricks

    Here, Briyan blogs about AI from a perspective of learning and using it in every day business tasks, creative tasks and more.

  • Dead Man’s Finger

    Dead Man’s Finger

    Dead Man’s Finger is evolving into some kind of creative writing experience. I’m not sure where it’s going to land yet.

  • Discover Sounds

    Discover Sounds

    Discover Sounds delves deep into the captivating world of sound design. Founded by Briyan Frederick, a member of the Blind Mime Ensemble, Discover Sounds serves as a playground for sonic…

  • Discover Zines

    Discover Zines

    All about zines.

  • Doodle Takeover

    Doodle Takeover

    I came across a free labradoodle in the local classifieds one Christmas morning. Mara is a funny, bossy thing who is taking over my life.

  • Family Scrolls

    Family Scrolls

    Family Scrolls is for people interested in creating and building an engaging family history. I help people build family history websites and books while sharing unique ideas about oral history,…

  • Furfoo


    Furfoo is a web application for pet lovers to log information about their pets. Keep a blog, youtube, photo gallery, files, etc.

  • GAJOOB Zine

    GAJOOB Zine

    Briyan’s longrunning magazine featuring independent musicians and other related things. Anything with a creative DiY bent, really.

  • Good Morning Sunshine

    Good Morning Sunshine

    A blog and curio shop of positivity.

  • Guide Book

    Guide Book

    A guidebook for business communications for small business owners, adminstrators, marketing agents and designers.

  • Henry the Lima Bean

    Henry the Lima Bean

    Allye Baker’s tragic comic character is a lima bean named Henry.

  • Home Based Busy

    Home Based Busy

    For home-based business people, whether you operate your own business or work from home.

  • Homemade Music

    Homemade Music

    An offshoot of GAJOOB Magazine in 1999, is Briyan Frederick’s home recording website. It’s about the craft, from his unique 40-year perspective. More about the activity and lifestyle than…

  • Indie News Watch

    Indie News Watch

    An independent news resource.

  • IPNX


    IPNX is the Independent Publishers Network which provides content of interest to bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers and other online publishers, along with brand and graphic arts support services, tools…

  • It’s Getting Personalized

    It’s Getting Personalized

    A shop featuring unique personalized gifts by Briyan Frederick.

  • Local Historical

    Local Historical is a website that explores local history and provides resources and services geared toward preserving and presenting history in ways that engage us to learn and appreciate how it…

  • Local Spotlighter

    Local Spotlighter

    Spotlights local businesses, organizations, activities and people.

  • Locale Business

    Locale Business

    Briyan Frederick offers insights and support services to help local business owners and admins engage with customers and staff.

  • Locale Made

    Locale Made

    A blog about business for local makers, artisan, crafters, artists and others making and selling.

  • Musician For Fun

    Musician For Fun

    This currently redirects to Musician Journal. I’m considering re-launching. The website was about just making music for fun.

  • Personal History Guide

    Personal History Guide

    Hire a personal history guide.

  • Recording Artist Network

    Recording Artist Network

    The Recording Artist Network focuses on the business of independent music making and helps artists with branding, fan engagement, eCommerce, etc.

  • Results By Mail

    Results By Mail

    Insights and services involving direct mail, EDDM and other methods.

  • Salt Lake Locals

    Salt Lake Locals

    Salt Lake local people, places and things.

  • Salt Lake Zine

    Salt Lake Zine

    An ad hoc zine where people in the community can contribute a page in the zine and a collection of pages is published when it’s full.

  • Silver Creative

    Silver Creative

    For creatives of a certain age, fostering continuing creativity with content and services.

  • Small Tales

    Small Tales

    Stories for kids. Zines, book, video, audio. Interactivies too.

  • Songwriters Row

    Songwriters Row

    A web application for songwriters to log the work.

  • Songwriting Daily

    Songwriting Daily

    Briyan’s blog about songwriting.

  • Tapegerm


    Experimental collaboration since 1999.

  • The Joy Of Print

    The Joy Of Print

    Briyan’s 35-year career in the graphic arts industry culminates in this website about business communications with an emphasis on print, but also article about building and maintaining websites, creating signage,…

  • Underground Music Museum

    Underground Music Museum

    Briyan published one of the seminal magazines dedicated to independent music and DiY creative recording and the odd assortment of artists exchanging it. He is building a museum to enable…

  • Vlog Watch

    Vlog Watch

    A website about vlogging. Briyan’s take is a personal one with vlogging serving as a sense of self, community, family, etc.

  • Who’s the Boss Around Here?

    Who’s the Boss Around Here?

    Who’s the Boss Around Here? offers a humorous take on running a business, team, department, home or any organization… and living to tell about it. 

  • WTF 60?!

    WTF 60?!

    WTF 60?! You know what I mean if you’ve crossed the point of no return.